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On The Set With Vancouver’s World-Class Underwater Film Crew

The Underwater Crew On Sirens “Just breathe in nice and slow like we practised. Nice and slow. Exhale even slower, through pursed lips, twice as long as your breath in”. Free diving Instructor and safety diver Roberta Cenedese’s voice is calm and reassuring. “Are you ready?” Stunt performer Lisa Chandler gives a nod. They are both standing on a scaffolding…

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When A Studio Is Not A Studio

When is a studio not a studio?  There are actually two distinct definitions for the word "studio", as used in the film business. It is best not to confuse the two. In the film production business, a studio can be a space where A/V media is shot or captured, or it can mean a (usually large, legacy) TV and/or movie…

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Who Does What For Whom

In this column we will illuminate the roles among the crew of a typical production, of which there probably is no such thing. It will be easy to say things were missed and we will keep adding anything you ask us to. As for errors, please let us know right away so we can correct them. Do remember, however, things…

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Who Does What When, Where and How

These articles will be about the specific roles within the production crew (both shooting and rigging) from day one when they "go to camera" to the wrap. We will show you a sample organizational chart and describe what each person does. We will not include all the people who work on the show. We will not get into (not yet,…

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