Current news articles related to the film industry in Vancouver.

We’re Back! Sorta…

Sort of.... I am very pleased to confirm a small portion of our local people working in film have started back to work last week and more this week. This is part of a well coordinated effort to get the film industry back up and running safely by the traditional start date - the Tuesday after the July long weekend.…

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Pain on the Mountain

Clif and I used to ski a lot... This picture is of Mt. Shuksan in Washington State, close to the Canadian border. One side of this mountain is (was?) Mt. Baker Ski Area, one of about four of our family's GoTo places to ski from about 1974 to 1983. All of which were about two hours from home. Mt. Baker…

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The Premiere of Covid19

Film Industry, Friday the 13th As I write this, another TV series shot in Vancouver has shut down. Due to other commitments and the impact of Covid19, it is likely these shows will not start back up. There is simply no way to predict what is about to happen, as things are changing so fast and many things affect others,…

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Sunbelt Buys William F White?

Rumour has it... We have all heard rumblings for some time that Paul Bronfman had ubiquitous Canadian lighting and grip rental company William F White up for sale.  Now the rumour is, WfW has been bought by equipment rental company Sunbelt Rentals.  Sunbelt is a principal subsidiary of Ashtead Group, a UK owned company.  Like all such matters, the deal…

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Supernatural 2004 – 2019

Thousands of photographs, autographs and laughs. Decade and a half. Thousands of photographs, autographs and laughs. Decade and a half. #spnfamily #jensenackles #jaredpadalecki #supernatural #mishacollins #marksheppard #erickripke #robbenedict #jimbeaver #jeffreydeanmorgan #kimrhodes #genevievepadalecki #daneelackles #clifkosterman #bodyguard #cw

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The Power Arrangers

UPDATE SEPT 10, 2019 Sim VP Jeff Ramsey says he read our article "Power Arrangers" and had to bite his tongue because, obviously, Sim has had these power packs in development for a long time. They are significantly more sophisticated and powerful than anything we have seen of this kind before. There are two units in Vancouver at this time…

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Simulator Training for Condors

We are going to bring you a more in-depth article on some of the changes happening in film with regard to equipment and speculate on the future of some technologies, primarily related to the Electrics Department aka Lighting. In the meantime, this is something you may be interested in, especially if you have anything to do with aerial platforms. Aerial…

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The Leos and The Return of TV

Television did not actually leave but typically the so-called "Episodics" or "Series" productions take a hiatus during spring. The start of shooting season used to be right after the US Independence Day Weekend, almost invariably. The advent of streaming media, with its very different needs with regard to type and amount of product, changed that somewhat. In spite of those…

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