The News That is Not The News

Welcome to Vancouver Production Pulse. This will be a bi-weekly magazine featuring interesting articles relevant to the Vancouver, British Columbia film production business. With each new edition of Vancouver Production Pulse, we will present one story in each of three sections: The News, The Crew, The Stories. Three articles designed to inform and entertain you. Our Editor, Mitchell Kosterman, has…

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Who Does What When, Where and How

These articles will be about the specific roles within the production crew (both shooting and rigging) from day one when they "go to camera" to the wrap. We will show you a sample organizational chart and describe what each person does. We will not include all the people who work on the show. We will not get into (not yet,…

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You’re kidding! No. No, we’re not.

Here we will bring you the interesting stories you want to hear. Some have never been told outside our immediate circle. All will involve interesting people doing interesting things. Many of whom will be famous, some will not. Many stories will be funny, some will be tragic. Each story will be true and help paint a clearer, more colorful picture…

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