YVR Production Pulse Episode 5 April 2021
A follow up to Episode 4 re: Jack Foley.

YVR Production Pulse Episode 5 April 2021

Back of The Mike (sic) is a wondrously entertaining 9 minute film from 1938 that shows how sound effects were integrated with live radio broadcasts. Thought it would be a cool followup to last month’s story on Jack Foley. See if you recognize any of the actors. Try to imagine what it would have been like for them to move from radio to film and television.

Next Month: Part 1 of 2 of The War of The Worlds, a famous and chilling, live radio broadcast from the day before Halloween in 1938 that changed news media forever. We will play a recording of the original broadcast, as performed by Orson Welles. In two parts because it is 51 minutes in total.

This is the Vlog/Podcast on the Mitch Kosterman YouTube Channel.

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